Art in the Park

They say art are for those who only have time to appreciate them. While this stands true for the old generation it should not be the case anymore.

Make time for art.

Art is what inspires the little kid inside all of us to strive for more, to do better.

That’s what Art in the Park aimed for: make art available for everyone.

Peppered all over the Salcedo Village park were all forms of paintings, sculptures, artists, fans, and art aficionado – all looking for some spark of inspiration for their next life achievement.

It could come in the form of on-the-spot sketch of yourself as artists, both practicing and experts, try to capture you with nothing more than charcoal and canvass.

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Or the community-sourced wall mural made of color-coded cups where guests were asked to finish their drinks and place the cups bottom first into completing a secret mosaic of used cups.

Or the hundreds if not thousands of paintings in oil, ink, water color, ash, papers, and just about any medium you can think of using either old or new.

Can’t afford getting one? No one blames you. All you need to do is experience, see for yourself. Inspire that once passionate younger you. Let the artists move you back to when you once had fire in you.

Never know. Perhaps, one moving painting could very well create the next Rizal.

Drew Uy

I do words, food, coffee, and photos. Hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit

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