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It’s already 2017 and still a large portion of of the population is misinformed about dengue.

But in a world where big things come from small things, GSK, together with Department of Health, want to spread and continue information to those vulnerable.

If we start learning the attitude, perception, and knowledge about dengue, we can start to apply what we gained in order to move against, and prevention of dengue.

DOH says it’s as simple following the 4S against dengue.

SEARCH and destroy known dengue spots and continue to monitor and keep hotspots clean and dry.

SEEK early consultation knowledge about dengue, information about symptoms of dengue, how to manage dengue, and the steps to protect you and your family against dengue.

SELF protection learning basic protective measures go a long way outside of managing dengue.

SAY yes to fogging to Target hotspots and keep mosquitos out.

This campaign has been in effect for about a decade now and we are still pushing for the same words.

Why is there still a need to send information about dengue?

Even as we hit the third quarter of 2017, we are given insight about how only 50% of the population know how to check for rashes among other symptoms of dengue. Dengue awareness and dengue management are things that should be taught in a multi-sectoral approach from the private, government, and all the stakeholders involved up to the household level.

It is just as important to drive dengue informative content in digestible quantities to gain reach. Allied Against Dengue or AAD is a non-profit multilateral movement to support the country in it’s fight to defeat dengue. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) together with Department of Health (DoH), Philippine Pharmacists Association (PPHA), Mercury Drug Corporation (MDC), Smart Parenting, and CNN Philippines make up this alliance.

Since it’s launch last year, 10,000 students have benefitted from AAD awareness campaigns, and 1,000 healthcare professionals have been trained to be dengue management experts.

That’s also a misconception, said the panel, and it’s that dengue cannot be cured. Dengue can only be managed specially through early detection. This public advocacy program hopes to engage the entire country on awareness, and management through proper dessimination of information and education.

“Having reached over 10 thousand students on our first year, our reinvigorated goal is to educate over 1 million Filipinos on dengue prevention and management to train 10,000 healthcare prefessionals across the nation by 2018,” said GSK Philippines General Manager Ritesh Pandey.

You can be part of the alliance, too, by sharing the right information to your friends and loved ones.

The website is in the works but activations are already in place to increase awareness on dengue prevention and management among Filipinos.

What’s your action against dengue? Let us know how you’re doing it with #AADxMNLMash. Mabuhay Manila.

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