“Let’s get one thing straight: Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV, is not just a concern for females that might lead to cervical cancer.” says Dr. Ma. Cristina Crisolog. medical adviser for vaccines of MSD, Philippines. “It’s going to be a learning day today,” as Crisologo opens the dialogue.

“After years of successfully confronting cervical cancer, we now know the deeper and more important issue to focus on, and that is HPV”, she continues.

HPV may affect males too

It is not an information available to many that, while HPV is the major cause of cervical cancer, HPV is also responsible for a host of many other diseases ranging from genital warts, to other fatal malignancies such as anal, vaginal and penile cancer.

The best part? It’s a preventable disease thanks to advancements in medicine through a vaccine.


HPV Vaccination

HPV vaccines are currently indicated for administration to adolescents 9 years and older, even before children become sexually active, even before they are given the talk about the birds and the bees.

Which is not giving them the free pass to experiment on sexual activities, no. Rather, it’s to avoid them, their partners, their eventual children and so on in contracting the virus if they don’t have it already. If they do, it’s still an excellent idea to get the vaccine to prevent other strains of the virus to contract.

“As part of our commitment in the healthcare industry to continuously improve the well-being of patients, save more lives, and inform more and more of the population, it is critical for us to bring to fore the discussion on HPV,” adds Crisolog.

Everyone should talk about it

“We are expanding the dialogue of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month in May,” says Dr. Beaver Temesis, Managing Director of MSD Philippines, “with this dialogue, we include more stakeholders in order to get the right information out to everyone among patient groups, medical professionals. media, and influencers to generate more awareness and discussion on HPV, and change our perspective that it’s only the female population who need to vaccinate against the disease. ”

After all, cervical cancer due to HPV can only be contracted through sexual friction of the male genitalia towards the cervix during intercourse. HPV may come from the male specimen as well.

“with this kind of activity, we hope to jump-start and take the lead on an honest discussion about the threat of HPV, all towards the goal of addressing and, hopefully, eradicating more and more diseases, and therefore, increasing the quality of life for all,” concludes Tamesis.

Have you had yourself checked or vaccinated?

What steps are you taking towards this preventable disease? Hit us up on @MNLMash or on the comments section below.

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