A Comedy of Tenors in the key of Laughter

OnStage, Greenbelt 1 – What happens when you put a harassed producer, the producer’s assistant, an aging, temperamental, and sometimes missing Italian opera star, his hot-blooded wife, their daughter, his lover, a Russian opera diva, and a bellhop in a posh hotel suite in Paris mid-1930s? Laughter, for the audience, ensues at every turn of the play.
A Comedy of Tenors” tells the story of renowned, but aging, Italian opera tenor Tito Merelli (Lorenz Martinez) and his hot-blooded wife Maria (Issa Litton), coming to Paris for a show of the Three Tenors produced by Henry Saunders (Jeremy Domingo), aided by his former assistant now tenor, Max (Noel Rayos).

The play opens to Henry who has just learned that his third tenor won’t be able to make it to perform beside Tito and Max. With only a few hours left until showtime, Henry and Max scramble to look for a replacement.
Their cause was lost when the newfound replacement and younger rival of Merelli, Carlo Nucci (Arman Ferrer) who happens to be dating Tito’s daughter (Mica Pineda), had Tito quitting after he mistakes Carlo to be having a secret love affair with his wife and confronts Carlo about it. All the while Carlo think that Tito is upset for courting Mimi.

A plot twist ensues as Henry and Max hear the hotel bellhop Beppo (a mustachioed Martinez) belting out operatic notes from the hallway delivering the luggage. After some convincing, Beppo agrees to fill in with Max. However, the very talkative bellhop is then distracted by Maria and Tito’s former lover, Tatiana Racón (Shiela Velderarama-Martinez) show up in the mood for some steamy room action, all the while thinking that he is Tito.
At every opportunity “A Comedy of Tenors,” weaves plot twists into an elaborate and comical web of misunderstanding that is certain to have the audience laughing towards the exit doors.


A Comedy of Tenors” by Repertory Philippines is a show jam-packed with laughter and punchlines. If you happen to have asthma, make sure to be lugging your inhaler as you will be wheezing from the get-go.
Expect every twist and turn to leave you on the floor laughing. A really great start to Repertory Philippine’s 2018 season.

Catch “A Comedy of Tenors” from January 26 to February 18 at the Onstage Theater in Greenbelt 1, Makati City. Purchase your tickets now by calling REP at 843.3570, or through Ticketworld at 891.999 or log on to www.ticketworld.com.ph.

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