7-Eleven special edition Justice League spinners

The spinner craze gets more footing with the 7-Eleven exclusive special edition Justice League spinners!

Collecting all 20 spinners is easy. Simply collect 25 stickers or 20 e-stamps via CLIQQ rewards app or card with one stamp or sticker for every Php 50 purchase at any 7-Eleven outlet. Make getting the stickers or stamps faster by buying booster products that allow for more stickers per purchase. The booster items will be available on the 7-Eleven website. The promo runs until the 21st of November 2017.

The last 5 secret spinners will be released by the end of October. Watch out for that!

To make things a little bit more interesting, the spinners will come in blind packs so you will never know what you’re getting and each item will be a surprise. In case the style you’re trying to get is not available, 7-Eleven will be conducting a major swap meet for those looking to collect all 20 spinners.

The spinners are licensed by Warner Brothers in time for the theatrical release of Justice League. The materials are mostly out of plastic with the same type used in Legos ensuring the safety of the customers.

Be sure to join in on the fun f 7-Eleven Spinner heroes featuring Lui Aquino, Eunice Jorge, Paolo Valenciano, and Saab Magalona. Tune in on the 7-Eleven Facebook page to witness the Spinner Heroes for yourself as they take their unique moves on the screen with their Justice League Spinners.

Join in on the conversation online sharing your spinner videos and photos with #SpinnerUnite, #JusticeLeague, and #711PH.

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