5 more minutes …

If you could have 5 more minutes with someone who is no longer in your life,  what would you say?  Would you say something or would you keep the words to yourself?  Would you hug them as tight as you could or just stare at them in wonder?

If you could have 5 more minutes with someone who walked out on you,  what would  you do?  Will you hold on tight or would you let them go again?  Would you say the words to make them stay or simply  say goodbye?

If you could have 5 more minutes  with someone you regret leaving,  what would you change? Will you tell them you should have stayed or pretend you made the right decision? Will you hold  on to your pride or finally hold on to the one you truly love?

5 more minutes … It sounds so short but for those who have lost someone to death,  they will grab onto these 5 more minutes to hold the one they  love. For those who have had their hearts broken, 5 more minutes of ignorance bliss would be welcomed; for yet another kiss on the lips or a touch of their hand.

5 more minutes. 5 more hugs,  5 more lingering stares,  5 more kisses,  5 more moments,  5 more touch,  5 more lifetimes.

What’s 5 minutes worth to you?

Kathy Ngo

more than what you hope for ... less than what you assume ... always a suprise. #StandOutMNL

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