4 things on my Zenfone 4 wishlist

We’re expecting the Asus Zenfone 4 “very soon” according to Asus Philippines and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it will be as awesome as the last iteration what with its capabilities to take long exposure shots.

Meantime here are 4 things we wish are included in the Zenfone 4:

1. Water and dust resistance

The feature has been requested more times than we can count from the Taiwanese manufacturer and the top execs teased on “soon” when I got to talk to them at the last Computex 2017 held in Taiwan.

We already know too well that water and dust resistance will aid in phone longevity, specially in the country what with constant drizzles across the metro at almost random intervals.

Just imagine: being brave enough to weather the storm being able to hail an Uber or a Grab while dripping wet yet you don’t have a care in the world.

2. No more pre-installed apps (PLEASE?)

We are all too familiar with ZenCircle, ZenMotion, ZenFit, ZenChoice, ZenUI Keyboard with just about the ZenKitchenSink missing.

These are all well and good specially for those who find use for them but the mandatory app instalment takes up valuable space in already an arguably limited capacity.

However, Asus semi-loads games and other “Apps 4 U” in the fray in an attempt to get you to consider the partnered app though it’s highly unlikely these can be permanently deleted since the same titles come back after a factory reset.

I just hoped these apps are all opt-in downloads instead of pre-loaded non-removable or non-un-install-able.

3. Not an iPhone look-a-like

I pray to the old gods and new that the next iteration of the Zenfone line does not emulate much of what Apple’s iPhone look like (I’m sorry about your fate, Zenfone 3 Zoom.)

The Zenfone 3 almost had it right with the dual glass panel build and I hope an improvement on the attempt last year is emulated and make it seamless plus made to be more aesthetically appealing.

Pair this with water and dust resistance, Asus, and you have got a winner.

4. Longer battery life

The Zenfone 3 was plagued with a very short lifespan in terms of battery longevity with hardly any juice left after an intense afternoon of shooting and streaming.

Heads started scratching when every found the capacity of the Zenfone 3 Max could be bumped to about 4000mAh where the Zenfone 3 remained at 3,000mAH; which, through casual daily usage, admittedly, lasted a lot longer, though we wished there was more juice in its pockets much like the Zenfone 3 Zoom that packs all 5,000mAhs of oozing power capable, too, of reverse charging.

A lot of speculations are abound about the latest hot-seller and we are all but eager to find out about the news.

So far we are being teased with dual-cameras up to 3x zoom on the secondary lens as well as we can expect the release near the end of July.

The latest on the rumor mill shows that processing capabilities will be supported by 4GB of RAM paired with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 as the Zenfone 4 named “Z01KD” made an appearance on Geekbench, a benchmarking tool for phone performance.

What do you want to see on the Zenfone 4? Let us know at the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit.

Drew Uy

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