4 Things we Loved about the Ford Everest

I’m one of those girls who has never been a real fan of cars. I mean I appreciate Fast and Furious but I don’t think that counts. I also like that they take me to my destination but sometimes, it’s not as comfortable as I would like for it to be or the suspension makes the ride just too woozy for me. When we were asked to test drive the Ford Everest, I wasn’t too keen on it but since I have long learned to say GO instead of NO, I said to myself, WHY NOT?

D drove the Ford Everest all the way from Manila to Subic and I was able to test (as a passenger) how comfy it was. On D’s part, he was able to test it as a driver and I can honestly say he fell in love with it. For me, here are the things that I loved about it.

  1. SPACE. Yes, for those who need space, the Ford Everest has a lot for you. Leg room is not a problem at all regardless if you are a driver or passenger sitting shotgun or behind the driver. There are many space to have and hold.
  2. SUSPENSION. It was smooth sailing all the way. You could hardly feel the bumps and it felt like you were just cruising calmly. 
  3. AIRCON. You can adjust to your heart’s content. They have their own setting for the driver, the passenger, and even the people in the back so no one has to sacrifice their comfort.
  4. AESTHETIC. Come on! It’s a Ford Everest. It’s a thing of beauty and it is just magnificent.

To know more about our adventure in Subic, please watch this.




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