3 Reasons why Bayani Brew Rocks

With the advent of detox drinks everywhere, sometimes, it can be hard to identify which one is legitimate and which one is just a fad. It’s a good thing that Manila Mash was able to visit the GK Enchanted Farm and meet the farmers from whom Bayani Brew sources it’s talahib to make their organic drinks. We spent an afternoon there and was able to hear firsthand the stories of the farmers whose lives have been changed by Bayani Brew.

So we present to you 3 reasons why Bayani Brew rocks.

They change lives.

Bayani Brew sources it’s tea from farmers in Bulacan and they do not use a middle man. In fact, they have a personal relatioship with the farmers and even help them to come up with savings account so they can learn to save money for their future.

They do not use additives.

Bayani Brew’s drink can only last for a couple of months. It does not have preservatives or additives which is why it is a natural detox drink.

They are local.

Yes, the mere fact that this is a local product makes it rock. They came up with a product that makes use of something that we can find in abundance in our country and they turned it into something profitable. If that does not make them awesome, I don’t know what else will.

To know more about Bayani Brew, you can go ahead and watch this and we hope that after you do


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