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More and more Filipinos have been moving towards programs produced abroad as these content reach their TVs, mobile phones and computers. 

This is more apparent from big U.S. titles like Stranger Things, Sense 8 among others as well as Korean Dramas like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Goblin to name a few.

The challenge is now to include Filipinos, local networks, and entertainment companies to tell good stories – stories that allow the imagination to run wild, stories that will figuratively (or literally, through CGI) move mountains and oceans to inspire. Stories that touch lives, inspire, and motivate that are meant for the Global Filipino.

Cignal Entertainment, by Cignal TV, rose to the challenge by launching a full entertainment brand of original content catering to Filipinos’ ever changing and upgrading tastes.

“Cignal has decided to tell our own stories too,” says President Jane Basas. “We are now more that just the aggregator, we are now storytellers ourselves.”

“The world now is built upon the platform of sharing and this is what Cignal Entertainment is made to do. Sharing the diverse channel are partners, also, that are joining together to produce  intelligent, relevant, and high quality stories,” Jane continues.

Get ready for Filipino relevant content on Colours (Ch 60 SD, Ch 202 HD), Sari Sari (Ch 3 SD) and Bloomberg TV Philippines (Ch 8 SD, Ch 250HD), on Cignal.

The Cignal companion app will follow sometime September that is meant to continue the experience from the TV screen all the way to the mobile phone and tablets. Non-Cignal subscribers will be able to enjoy the same content through a subscription fee.

Will this finally change the landscape? Let us know on Twitter @ginuhit and #CignalEntertainment.
Mabuhay, Manila.

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