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UnionBank of the Philippines emanates ‘Ubuntu’ or the sense of creating a community that equally benefits amongst everyone. 

Their solution? Coming from last year’s pilot of <U>Hac, a nationwide hackathon, the ‘Best Company to Work for in Asia’ re-titled the model to Hack & Pl@y through a series of events across the country. 

Hackathons are venues where companies allow their programming (website or mobile app) be ‘tinkered’, improved, re-programmed, or innovated by the community of developers and programmers where, after an entire series of programming, the results are evaluated, judges and are awarded by the company. Collaboration, employment, partnership, are discussed thereafter.

Beginning on the 15th of July 2017 in Cebu, this year’s UnionBank hackathon will now focus on developing solutions related to banking and e-commerce. The challenges are further expanded to incorporate new solutions in their infancy such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Identity Authentication, robotics, and Data Analytics.

UnionBank saw the relevance of organizing hackathons to complement its hiring and partnership strategies thanks to the wonderful ideas of the community that is why the bank is expanding on the success from 2016 and further their presence in the hackathon sphere to include the academe.

Correlating to the POP-UP HACKGROUND where it can quickly and easily mount the materials needed to initiate its hackathon series anytime, anywhere; the bank is also introducing HACKADEMIA that aims to train digital learning in colleges and universities for free where experts of Internet of Things, Mixed Reality, and Design Thinking will also impart their knowledge to attendies. 

UnionBank President and COO Edwin Bautista says “the Bank’s biggest challenge is to digitally transform today. Rest assured that we are determined to find relevant solutions in doing this digital transformation in order to become the best version of ourselves and build a bank of enduring greatness. This is a promise we intend to keep.”

These new experiences, new learnings, and insights have resulted in new products and services for us. UnionBank is changing the way they do banking. The day-to-day experience will be easier for all, all of these will come into play, mix it all up, and create newer, bigger digital transformations.

<U>Hack & PL@Y series will be popping up in different key cities across the country throughout the year as it continues to invite more digital talents to showcase their digital prowess in developing digital solutions. 

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Mabuhay, Manila.

Drew Uy

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