​Just go. Just experience. Justin Vawter

On hist first ever talk in inspiring more people to take up travel blogging, and perhaps take it more seriously Justin Buenagua, more known as Justin Vawter, took up the stage to share his own experience to aspiring travel bloggers or those who are considering taking the same direction. 

Here are quick tips from the budget traveler:

Believe in yourself.

People will know if you really want and love what you do. You will have to believe in yourself first of your capabilities, of your skills, of your talents, and of your abilities. It seems trivial but it’s an important part if you want to start or are beginning to explore the possibilities of travel and travel blogging.

Love what you’re doing.

Before you even boot your laptop, tablet, camera, or phone, make sure you love the adventure you’re about to embark on. Make sure you are ready for both the nitty and the gritty and the perks and luxuries. Make sure that you will write all the same no matter what you are given. Provide the truth, your audience will appreciate that more.

Curate and Create.

In an internal struggle of whether to curate nor to show the ugly truth, I find myself in the middle. Curate, yes, make it beautiful, but create content around it. Give it substance. Give that beautiful photo some meaning. At the same time, tell it from how you experienced.
Find your voice online.

Yes, it’s nice and fine to make your latest article as informative as Wikipedia. However, what will set you apart from that then? Make it personal. Share your story. Tell a story. Bring your audience with you. Let them experience it through your words. Then, perhaps, somewhere along the line, you might find your voice.

Learn how to take photos.

Supplement your words with photos. It’s ok to start off with what you have on hand. You’re only beginning, it’s forgivable.

Your audience are more forgiving than you give them credit for specially if they know you are still starting out. You are allowed gadgets from smartphones towards DSLRs so long as you take good photos. It’s not about the camera, it’s about the shot.

Just go.

Most importantly, just do it. If you want to explore you’re going to have to start and just start it. What would all the technical know hows mean if you’re still at home contemplating on whether you should or should not do it?

There’s no denying, it will be difficult. It will be hard at first. But, once you get the hang of it, you’ll start reaping the benefits. All you have to do is trust in yourself. It will all work out in the end.

And, after all of these, if it all still seems bleak, you can trust you have those around you doing the same thing to help you along the way.

-Justin Vawter

Drew Uy

I do words, food, coffee, and photos. Hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit

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      Thank you. I’m sure Justin would appreciate hearing this. 😉


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