​Fiesta Italiano at Marco Polo Manila

What better way to show off your signature takes on classic Italian dishes than to show off how you made it?

Standing tall infront of the audience, Chef Andrea Delzanno, all the way from Marco Polo Hong Kong, showcased his skills and mastery of his cuisine through an intimate cooking demo hosted by Marco Polo Ortigas Manila. 

We were started off with a traditional tomato soup that had only the freshest and simplest ingredients expertly put together under the hands of the seasoned chef.

When it was done, the spoonful of rich crushed tomatoes that softly mellows out the garlic and onions that dance with the herbs, crushed bread, and stock subtly accentuated with the seasoning. 

What followed came in the form of linguine alle vongole or clam linguine which had a bit of heat from the chillies that properly contrasted the naturally salty flavor of the clams in white wine reduction.

Finally, we were treated with a simple and traditional tiramisu as how Chef Andrea’s grandmom does it. It was creamy, rich, and properly doused in coffee and Kahlua but not overly alcoholic nor too sweet. The cocoa powder adds great contrast to the cream.

All these and more of Chef Andrea Delzanno’s recipes, together with the staples and favorites, are readily available at Cucina located at the 24th floor, Marco Polo Manila, Ortigas.

Drew Uy

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