​Breathing out the dreaded C

It’s common practice, specially for Filipinos, to easily forego a simple cough, for example, and dismiss it as a seemingly ordinary health concern.

It’s understandable, also, due to financial constraints, we tend to self-medicate and pass up on seeking professional advice. To an extent, ignore and ‘conveniently’ set these risks aside.

As with many who will only later find out that persistent coughing is already lung cancer in its later stage, aggressive treatment can only go as far as stage 2 cancer.

Fortunately, together with great advancements in medicine and technology, “Hope from Within” brings to the spotlight novel treatments like immunotherapy to cancer patients and focuses on the importance of early detection for malignancy.

“It is even more important, for those at high risk with lung cancer, to get screened so that the disease can be addressed immediately,” explains Dr. Ivy de Dios, oncology medical adviser f MSD in the Philippines.

“In order to benefit from the innovation of immunotherapy, particularly for certain types of advance lung cancer, it is important that it is administered as early as possible upon the onset of the disease,” Dr. de Dios continues, “That is why we are urging people to ‘Test, Talk, and Take Action.'”

To help the guests and media understand the severity of not getting the test, Mr. Diego Castro, their brand ambassador shared how they found out too late that his Dad had Stage 3 cancer and how he lost his mother to the Big C a year after he lost his father.

Immunotherapy involved fortifying the body’s natural healthy cells to avoid being attacked by malignant cells, and, thus, preventing the latter from multiplying.

The benefits? Less or little side effects, none of the vomiting, hair loss, or weakening of the body.

Whereas, before, being diagnosed with cancer seemed like an easy death sentence, immunotherapy allows for renewed optimism in favour of our fight against lung cancer.

Remember to get tested, talk with professionals, and get into action to easily prevent what could formerly mean an untreatable disease.

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