The Dawn of the Peenoise

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It was a little bit okay that fellow Filipinos started using the term "Peenoise" to indicate that a member of our team (assigned at random,) when we play League of Legends, was trash talking either his/her own team member or that of the enemy team.

The Filipino Sachet Mentality

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I was still but a child when I learned of this concept. The 'tingi' culture or 'sachet mentality' - roughly translated. That businesses thrive in selling bite-sized or individually packed versions of their products to cater to those that have just enough for the day or the week.

Why last year's flagship phones are more worth the buy

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It's easy to say that the latest and greatest flagship of any brand will be the best option for you or the best bang for your buck. Sure, if it was 2010, perhaps.

The Real Reason Behind Manila's Legendary Traffic

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Yes, dearest reader, it has been inconvenient for your daily commute now, all of it, any which way, we get you. Yes, also, that you have all the right to air your concerns for or against LTFRB and the mass transit system of the Philippines in its entirety.

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