Takeaways from Shakeaway

You will have (almost) all the options you can ask for in a milkshake.

Shakeaway, the favorite UK milkshake store, opens their second store located at the 4th floor al fresco area in Uptown Mall, BGC.

Here, whatever you fancy, they will almost always have what your heart desires.

This is not a joke.

Shakeaway will have cookies, chocolates, nuts, bars, candies, real cakes, Sour Patch kids, airheads, pickled onions, gummy bears, Krispy Kreme donuts, kale, fruits, Ritz cheese crakers, White Rabbit, and frozen peas to blend in your milkshake. Quite literally.

There are fan favorites that are named after those that made said shakes like Dave or Mike, that are chocolate based, from the original store back in UK, or Jose, that comes in purple yam (ube) and macapuno,  that’s exclusively available in the Philippines.

There are plenty to go around for those watching their weight too as Shakeaway includes shaved ice, yoghurt shakes, hot drinks, and frozen yoghurt options with select toppings to go with.

We were given to try Dave out as the most common request worldwide. True to everyone’s sweettooth, it will cater to all ages young and old.

Out of curiosity, we requested for Iris, the ‘healthier’ version of a milkshake with kale, banana, and honey. It was a pleasant balance of ingredients in case the green result scares you. It’s not bitter at all.

The shaved ice and the frozen yoghurts are standard affairs much like the flair of Llao Llao and flavored ice with fruit toppings. Refreshing and tickly sour for those looking for it.

Try it out for yourself to beat tghe heat at Shakeaway – 4/F, al fresco, Uptown Mall, BGC beside Mary Grace


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