The (P)hotographer friendly Huawei P10 and P10 Plus

It’s not always that you will have to option to get your flagship phone and have enough to get either a mirrorless or an SLR right beside because you want to dabble into photography. It’s either get a decent phone in place of better shots or the reverse, or 1 of 2.

Fortunately for you Huawei has the answer in the form of teaming up with Leica in making a compelling argument on your next phone that’s also a capable standard shooter.

No, it’s  not a replacement for the capabilities of a full-fledged camera but it will get the job done better than expected.

Leica has always been about details and composition of the shot and that’s exactly what the P10 and the P10 plus have to offer.

The experience is simple enough. Cue up the camera, take shots. How it comes out depends entirely on you.

That’s water. Achieved through long exposure

Fortunately for you, you are given the liberty to experiment with settings of the camera with the “Pro” mode that allows you to play with the shutter speed, illumination, white balance, and focus. This allows for some creative shots like light streaks on a busy intersection or long exposures.

The monochrome lens works incredibly well in daylight assisted shots specially when playing with shadows and movement or lack thereof.

Images that look for more of the image to register will require panoramic mode to allow for bigger space which is unfortunate as the camera adjusts for exposure while taking the shot which may or may not result in either a better or a worse output – which has happened to me on multiple occasions.

The scenic shots will falter a little bit because of the lack of a wide -angled lens like the LG G6, for example, that makes it so much easier to work with landscape shots.

Selfies will always be better with great lighting and will fall short with indoor lighting clad in intense blues, reds, and greens as the secondary camera finds it difficult to balance color conditions. Outside of which, self-portraits will always look great specially with the bokeh mode to look for parts of the image to blur out. At the same time, the lens included automagically “zooms out” to include more people in in case the software detects more faces by the wayside of the frame.

Speaking of overall software experience, the Emotion UI or EMUI skin on top of Android Nougat 7.0 will take some getting used to as the app drawer will not be present until adding it back from the settings menu. The “use knuckles” to select a portion of a screenshot comes in handy as well as some nifty features like 2 WhatsApp profiles for the two SIM cards include on your phone.

Battery life is decent that can last a decent day with about 18% left before reaching home. This will falter faster if you use your phone as a media device to about 4 hours of usage after 300 shots and about 10 5 minute videos with 4G data on and some Facebook and Instagram postings together with Facebook Messenger chats.

It’s a good mid-way option for those looking into upgrading their phone as well as those looking into experimenting with photography and what it has to offer. It’s definitely not for everyone but it gets the job done better than most phones.

If you have any questions or clarifications, hit us up on Twitter @MNLMash.


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