Samsung QLED TV

TV watching has taken on a whole new level. It is no longer just sitting on a couch and watching on a screen. Nowadays, it’s all about the experience and seeing things as if they were literally right in front of you.

Gone are the days when it was okay to have something pixelated or have the hue off. It is no longer acceptable to have peach be mistaken for pink and to have red come off as orange.

No sir, this is now a mortal sin especially with the release of Samsung’s QLED TV and its Quantum Dot Technology. Now, you can literally experience colors so vibrant it will feel like it was right in front of you.

In a gathering held at Okada Manila titled “The Next Frontier,” Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation declared a new era of television viewing as they officially launched the QLED TV in the country. Hosted by TV personality and radio jock Sam Oh, the event brought together Samsung executives, led by President Kevin Lee, media, and valued dealer-partners as they witnessed how the QLED TV delivers a next generation display that overcomes the disadvantages of other competing technologies.

The Quantum Dot technology, the Samsung QLED TV turns light into perfect color, making a powerful combination that revolutionizes picture quality. The new television line also offers HDR 1500 brightness and 100% color volume expression, enabling viewers to watch scenes just as how the creators intended them to be. It can also reproduce almost any color known to man, making HDR content more vibrant and natural looking.


What makes the Samsung QLED TV better than everything else is that beauty and functionality work hand in hand. To further add to the clean design, users have the option to avail of the no-gap wall mount, which allows the TV to sit flush against the wall. Also available are an array of stands, such as gravity and studio stands, that can blend in with any living space.

What makes this even better is the fact that this comes an equally smart remote which is called the QLED TV’s One Remote Control that covers all connected devices. Users will now have an easier time navigating whether they want to play games, watch sports, or stream their favorite TV shows. With this, users can also turn their mobile phones into a personal remote through the Smart View app.

Highlighting this groundbreaking technology was the special appearance of Kim Soo Hyun as a special guest. Kim Soo Hyun graced the launch of the QLED TV. The actor expressed his excitement as he revealed the product that aims to give consumers a viewing experience like no other.


Samsung also welcomed two local ambassadors for the QLED TV campaign – award-winning filmmaker Paul Soriano and tastemaker Tessa Prieto-Valdes – creative industry movers and shakers whose unapologetic taste, individual style, and uncompromising standards match that of Samsung’s new line.

The new line of the QLED TV is available in authorized Samsung dealers nationwide. For more details, visit the Samsung Facebook Page or log on to


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